Attend Our Next Meeting

Attend Our Next Michigan MUFON Meeting

Our next Michigan MUFON meeting will be held via Zoom, Sunday, September 13, at 7pm.

Please reserve your attendance by emailing  Thank you!

Zoom Meeting Program

7PM:  Announcements by State Director Bill Konkolesky, followed by Field Investigator message from Michigan Chief Investigator Daniel Snow.

7:10 PM:  Speaking presentation by special guest cryptozoologist Shetan Noir.  Attendees will be muted during his talk and selected to ask questions when he is done with his main presentation.  Afterwards, an open conversation between members will be made available.  Moderating will be done by Bill Konkolesky.

Meeting Cost

This meeting will be free of charge.

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Meeting Information

If you’ve never been to a Michigan MUFON meeting, please click here for some key information on how they’re run when we are able to meet in person.