Attend Our Next Meeting

Attend Our Next Michigan MUFON Meeting

Our next Michigan MUFON meeting will be held via Zoom, Sunday, July 18, at 7pm.

Please reserve your attendance by emailing  Thank you!

Zoom Meeting Program

7PM:  Announcements by State Director Bill Konkolesky, followed by Field Investigator message from Michigan Chief Investigator Daniel Snow.

7:10 PM:  David Twichell interviews special guest Dan Wright.  Attendees will be muted during the interview and permitted to ask questions at the end. Moderating will be done by Bill Konkolesky.

Meeting Cost

This meeting will be free of charge.

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Meeting Information

Michigan MUFON currently meets six times per year (January, March, May, July, September, November). We also hope you will make it out to the annual MUFON UFO Symposium (a large and prestigious annual UFO convention that generally moves its venue between major North American cities – please visit for more details).