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Now that you’re serious about the UFO mystery, why not be someone who makes a difference? 

Please join our team in exploring the greatest scientific mystery of our time!

Here’s how it works…Michigan MUFON is a state chapter of the Mutual UFO Network international organization. Each has unique benefits and a separate membership.

MUFON International

Highlights of joining the international organization include a subscription to the monthly MUFON UFO Journal and the ability to become a MUFON UFO Field Investigator and/or other MUFON officer.

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Highlights of joining the state organization include Michigan focused UFO news delivered to your email and access to state meetings.

While there is no 2023 membership cost for Michigan MUFON, donations are appreciated to keep our chapter going (and are tax deductible).

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For full membership benefits, it’s encouraged that you join both organizations and, as both groups are non-profit volunteer efforts, any assistance you can provide to aid in investigating UFOs would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and welcome aboard!